Tube Processing Machines

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opton_logo Highly awarded innovator of CNC pipe benders, cutters and optical measuring equipment. The “last word” in reliability for tube processing. opton_tube_processing1

dot_arrow_upWR-II patented CNC Dual-head Robot Bender for long work such as brake lines. Also available as a single robot model for up to Ø30mm.


dot_arrow_upOpton’s Aero series are the ultimate in leading-edge tube bending technology. These machines combine low-energy hydraulics and electric servo’s for precise bending.

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Tube rolling machine is able to roll threads and forms onto tubes. It is suitable for short run or mass-production.



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Great value from Germany

[one_half_inner]Mobile Tube processing station for tubes Ø6-30mm; Cutoff, end-form & bend; all-in-one. Up to Ø60mm is available.
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[/one_half_inner_last] [one_half_inner] DB Series Compact, simple, mobile electro-hydraulic tube bender for precise manual bending. Models cover sizes Ø6-60mm
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[/one_half_inner_last] [one_half_inner] A complete range of machines to produce every tube end-form that you could ever imagine. In many applications welding can be eliminated. For tube Ø4-60mm. Up to 6 stations available.
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